Central Qld Property in Demand

14 June, 2016

Since the New Year a very common question has been “what properties have you got  for Sale Ed?”

My response has often been “what we had yesterday we  have sold today”.

The sale of “Kilcool” (1600 Cow CC) in January was very much “In house”, the contact with the buyer resulting from a conversation from two years previous.

“Gracevale” is currently under negotiation, and the WBH listed “Bloodwood” -268Ha, is attracting the attention of discerning buyers looking for quality.

Demand is outstripping supply.

Breeder properties of 1500-3000 cow capacity are keenly sort by local established family business’s.

Strong current operational economics are driving the demand.

Business is all about conversations. Often many conversations are had before a property makes it to the market place. We are constantly having these conversations.



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Central Qld Property in Demand