100 Cross-Bred Heifers

Belyando 100 Cross Bred Heifers Livestock Listing ImageSold
  • $2.45
    • Address:
      50 km Alpha
      Cityname, Queensland QLD 4720

    Cross-Bred Heifers for sale in the Alpha District. Delivery 1st week August.

    Address:50 km Alpha
    Zip Code:QLD 4720
    General:Number of head: 100 Sex: Heifers Breed: 60% Brangus X Brangus, 20% Brangus X Brahman, 20% Bonsmara/Shorthorn X Brangus Age: #8 Low Weight: 340kg High Weight: 420kg Average Weight: 370kg
    Inclusions:Quality: Good to Very Good Horn: Dehorned/poll 100% Condition: Fresh Store Movement Restrictions: Ticky Treatment: Botulism Notes: Heavy End of a Soft line of vendor bred Heifers, not exposed to bulls. Vendor Bred, Quiet, exposed to Horses, Bikes. Showing good frame, bone and softness. Available for delivery early August.
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