345 Cross-Bred Heifers

Belyando 345 Cross Bred Heifers Livestock Listing ImageSold
  • $2.40
    • Address:
      50 km Alpha
      Cityname, Queensland QLD 4720

    Cross-Bred Heifers for sale in the Alpha District. Delivery 1st week August.

    Address:50 km Alpha
    Zip Code:QLD 4720
    General:Number of head: 345 Sex: Heifers Breed: 60% Brangus X Brangus, 20% Brangus X Brahman, 20% Bonsmara/Shorthorn X Brangus Age: #8 Low Weight: 280kg High Weight: 340kg Average Weight: 315kg
    Inclusions:Quality: Good to Very Good Horn: Dehorned/poll 95%, Tipped 5% Condition: Fresh Store Movement Restrictions: Ticky Treatment: Botulism Notes: Medium weight line of vendor bred Heifers, not exposed to bulls. Vendor Bred, Quiet, exposed to Horses, Bikes. Heifers are normally retained for finishing on grass to be marketed as an Export Body Showing good frame, bone and softness. Available for delivery early August.
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