95 Santa/Santa-Brangus Number 8 Heifers

Belyando 95 Santa Livestock Listing ImageSold
  • POA
    • Address:
      Central Higlands
      Cityname, Queensland QLD 4720

    Vendor Bred, unjoined #8 Heifers in forward store Condition

    Address:Central Higlands
    Zip Code:QLD 4720
    General:Number of head: 109 Sex: Heifer (Unjoined) Breed: Santa Gertrudis / Brangus Age: Branded #8 Low Weight: 310kg High Weight: 360kg Average Weight: 331kg
    Inclusions:Quality: Good to very good Horn: Poll or dehorned Condition: Forward store Movement Restrictions: Ticky Treatment: Heifers have been plunge dipped on the 31/7/2019 Notes: Heifers weighed on 31July, 2019 and returned to healthy pasture with a grain supplement. An additional line of: 109 Hd 260kg-310Kg av 291Kg. are also available
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