Brahman NSM Heifers

Belyando Brahman NSM Heifers Livestock Listing ImageSold
  • $980.00
    • Address:
      70 Km Jericho
      Cityname, Queensland QLD 4720

    8, Brahman Heifers, one brand, 60% Greys, 40% Reds and Honeys.

    Address:70 Km Jericho
    Zip Code:QLD 4720
    General:Number of head: 95 Sex: Heifer Breed: Brahman Age: #8 2nd Round Low Weight: 260 High Weight: 350 Average Weight: 290
    Inclusions:Quality: Average to Good Horn: Dehorned. 60% with regrowth Condition: Store to Forward Movement Restrictions: Nil Treatment: Nil Notes: 80% 2T, 10% Milk, 10% 4T. 80% Medium frame, 20% Small. Heifers worked in a controlled manner through yards and Crush. Present in fresh condition good in the coat and eye. Some show signs of calve. Have been running on Spinifex and softer forest grasses with exposure to Heart Leaf.
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