Droughtmaster Herd Bulls

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  • 30 Mth $2500 +GST. 18 Mth $3000 plus GST
    • Address:
      Central Western Qld
      Cityname, Queensland QLD 4720

    Numbers of 30 Mth and 18 Mth Bulls, from Registered and selected Commercial cows. Raised on grass

    Price:30 Mth $2500 +GST. 18 Mth $3000 plus GST
    Address:Central Western Qld
    Zip Code:QLD 4720
    General:Number of head: 95 Sex: Heifer Breed: Brahman Age: #8 2nd Round Low Weight: N/A High Weight: N/A Average Weight: N/A
    Inclusions:Quality: Good to very good. Sired by registered Bulls. Horn: Poll, and horn bulls amongst the offerings Condition: Forward store Movement Restrictions: Clear to all districts Treatment: Vibro, Botulism (Singvac), 5 in1 booster Notes: Good commercial herd bulls, raised in the paddock to work in the paddock. From a vendor who maintains a well credentialed commercial herd of females and has along record of producing reliable herd bulls. Bulls have been provided with some protein supplement during the winter, up to date with Vibro, Botulism and 5 in 1 booster. Available for immediate delivery
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